Know Your Why

Why do you do what you do? Do these activities bring life? I have been asking this question a lot lately. Life makes me tired, and I want to be sure that everything I am putting time and effort into has a why that is satisfactory. Mini mission statements if you will. Here are several of mine. 
Marriage– To Serve, support, and share life together.
Parenting– To love and train my children to love God and others and to have the skills to succeed in their adult lives
Tumbling To provide a physical and creative outlet
Dance classes– To provide social practice, Godly influence, and exercise
Scouts To provide exercise, social practice, good influence, and growth in manhood
Church To be reminded of God’s glory and salvation and to share in joys and sorrows of other believers
Field Trips– To spend time with kids away from distractions
Tutoring To reestablish a can do attitude in reading and writing, build necessary skills, and to create accountability and emotional support
Homeschooling To teach children according to their passions, in the ways they learn best
Cooking To provide for my family in a healthy and cost efficient manner
Cleaning To provide a place of peace and comfort
Podcasts To be inspired to press on
Blog Writing To remind myself and others of the hope for this life journey
Library To refresh, to learn, to inspire, and to get away from daily distractions

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