Kung Fu Punctuation (or Protecting Yourself from Bad Grammar)

I am convinced that learning punctuation cannot be fun for anyone, but the most fun way we found to work on it was with “Punctuation Kung Fu” There are lots of resources online for this great idea including the one we used.  We cleared out the living room and learned the moves first. The kids thought I was crazy at first, but after they got into it, they had lots of fun learning swipes, punches, and kicks that symbolized periods, commas, quotation marks, and lots more.  The next step was to apply what we learned to some sentences. We started with oral sentences that they would repeat while inserting their kung fu punctuation. The final step was to use the moves (and the written marks) to complete sentences on a worksheet. It sure made the worksheet more fun! And they learned a lot about punctuation. Check out the link and try it for your kids. I think you will both enjoy it!