Lessons from the Hammock

For the past year, I have been learning a great deal about rest. I think it started with a book I read called Captivating. It was through that book that I began to really understand the concept of rest. You can read about that at the above link.

Even though it’s a great way to refresh, I used feel guilty about the time spent doing nothing. I am definitely a doer. Forward progress defines me, and in my mind every waking minute of every day should be devoted to getting things done.

Perform more. Do better. Never enough.

No. Stop. Just stop striving to be perfect. Perfect isn’t really attainable.

Do what you can do, and that is enough.

It is. God’s the One in control.  Rest in that truth.

Am I saying that I should not put forth effort or do my very best? Absolutely not. What I am saying is that I need to stop moving, both physically and mentally, every day. And that is what sitting in the hammock does for me. This is where I let go of life’s pressures and remember who I really am. This is feeding into every part of my life one step at a time, and it is changing my life.hammock

I will leave you with a few things I’ve learned from my daily hammock time.

  1. I’ve really come to love trees. I love to listen to the leaves blow in the breeze or fall through the branches to the ground. I love to watch new sprouts burst through the trunk and into the sunlight. I love to see the leaf colors change even though we really only have green and brown here.
  2. I am finding peace in listening to the birds singing. I seldom see them since they are such good hiders, but their sounds are so captivating.
  3. Yellow butterflies are now my favorites. Their rounded wings are so small and delicate looking.
  4. We really do have a lot of beautiful days.
  5. Rest is good for me, and outside time is not the same as screen time. I need this time to be with my Creator. To remember. To rest in every way.

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