Married to My Job

Homeschooling moms, I’m burdened for healthy marriages, and it seems on the surface that a homeschooling family should have a great marital success rate. After all, we are family oriented, right?

But still I see marriages failing in homeschooling families all the same. I think I’ve realized something.  There is a lot of talk encouraging husbands and fathers not to be so married to their jobs  that they neglect their wives and children, but perhaps we homeschooling moms need to consider the same warning.

I know I’m guilty. My kids take my attention and all that I can give every hour of the day.  I keep trying to get around to time with my husband, but my “job” keeps demanding more. And after a while I look back only to realize that I have not tended my marriage for a while. I was busy being married to my job.

Now, I consider my marriage to be one of the better ones. I’m married to my best friend. But when life is busy and I again act as though I were married to my job, there is a clear difference in our unity.

I’m being brief here, but hear my heart, homeschooling mom. Our kids are wonderful. They are worth our time. But at some point, preferably a predetermined one, our marriages need regular, positive attention. Find balance. Set priorities toward an ongoing healthy marriage, and be intentional. Our kids will even thank us for it later.


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