Teaching my Passions

This morning I was thinking about the fact that I don’t really like to teach… Unless it is a subject area that I love.

Like math. Oh, I love math, and it delights my soul on the days we do math. Spending 2+ hours in a row teaching new math concepts to individual kids? Yes please.

Tumbling and gymnastics? Again, Yes please. I love sharing my passion for gymnastics with kids and could do it all day every day.

But social studies and science? Blah. I do my best to facilitate these lessons instead of teaching them. I’m not passionate about them, so I find resources that can meet that need. People we know, living books, videos, articles, ideas to consider, and permission to pursue experiments and the like.

Why do I say this? It’s because I was reminded that Charlotte Mason’s ideal books were living books that were interesting, conversational, and written by an author that was passionate about that subject area. Putting in our children’s hands the passionate voice of a subject ought to make it come to life (at least some). If it is your passion, run with it. Teach and share your passion. It is often contagious. If it is not your passion, find someone or some resource to help. To watch my older kids develop their own passions and share them with those around them…

Oh sweet success. A life of learning and sharing that came from living books and living ideas around them. Teach and facilitate. Share your passions today. Look for your kids passions. Love learning.


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