2014-2015 Plans for Andrew, Emily, and Lily

Here we are again at the beginning of a school year. We are all the time learning through so many different experiences. For the sake of making a formal list, here is a peek into what we expect to be doing this year.

While we don’t focus on grade levels in our schooling, Andrew is approximately at 8th grade, Emily is at 6th, and Lily is at 3rd.

Bible— Daily reading through the Old Testament following Weaver Volume 4 plans

Science and Social Studies— Weaver Unit Studies Volume 4 and corresponding library books, nature studies, hands on projects, Netflix documentaries, and opportunities to learn through everyday experiences

Reading— Library books of their choosing, Phonics Plus Five reading lessons for Lily
Writing— Weekly free writes, cursive handwriting practice, daily writing opportunities

Math— Zeta math and possibly some of Algebra 1 for Andrew

Epsilon math for Emily

Spectrum 3 math for Lily with plenty hands on practice

In addition to these academics, each child will participate in at least one 6 week co-op session.

Delight directed studies will include:

Andrew will participate in boy scouts, play strategy games, and pursue his own passions.

Emily will pursue saxophone and piano, tumbling, tap and ballet, art, and any other passions that she discovers.

Lily will learn much through play and hands on activities.


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