Plans for Bethany in 2014-2015

Here we are again at the beginning of a school year. We are all the time learning through so many different experiences. For the sake of making a formal list, here is a peek into what we expect to be doing this year.

Bethany, 16, is officially in 11th grade. She has quite a busy year planned.  She has three major goals:

1. Take the ACT and score well enough to be able to get into college if she so chooses. 

To accomplish this, she will study extra math from Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 and practice her essay writing skills. From taking the practice ACT test, we know she is already prepared to score well on the reading comprehension, language skills, and science reasoning parts. While she will still pursue greater proficiency in those areas, we will focus primarily on math and essay writing. She will use various texts including Math U See, Apologia Science, Weaver Unit Studies Volume 4, and many self chosen books from the library.

2.  Continue progressing in dance and also work as an intern / student helper at her dance studio. 

She will participate in tap, ballet, jazz, pre-point, tumbling, contemporary dance, and dance company. She will also assist and learn to teach steps in classes for younger dancers.  By then end of the year, she should have a much better idea as to all that is involved in working in the dance studio area and whether it is something that she would like to pursue long term.

She will also pursue more sewing projects, practice her music and art, cook more meals, and learn to handle more money and responsibility.



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