Working Together

If you asked me what I considered myself able to teach my kids, sewing would not have ever been on that list. I know how to thread a needle and hand sew a bit. I own a sewing machine and have enough of an understanding of its workings to be able to make a simple set of curtains. That is the extent of my sewing knowledge.
When my high school girl came to me and asked if “she” could make a dress like the one Elsa wears in Frozen, I was definitely not on board with helping. I even hoped she’d forget the whole project. But she didn’t. She designed and mapped out her plans. I took her to the store to buy supplies, looked over her measurements to check for any errors, and helped her pin hard to reach areas for alterations. She has continued to lead the project in every way, but I am glad she allowed me to be a part of it. We have both learned so much, and shockingly, I have enjoyed “teaching” her how to sew. This has been one of the experiences of high school that I think we will both remember. 


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