Ninety Day Bible Reading and What I’m Learning

I’m at 24% in my 90 day Bible reading plan!  I’ve learned a few things in addition to the text itself.
1.  I didn’t think I could read so much in one day. I was never able to stay consistent in my Bible reading with much smaller daily chunks. Not only am I keeping up, I can’t wait to get back to it to sneak in a few more chapters.  Reading it as one big story drives me to come back and see what happens next.
2.  I didn’t think I would get any of the details with the fast pace. I’m sure I’m not remembering some names and places, but the big names and places are coming to life so much more than ever before. I can see them chronologically instead of scattered. I can see how the relate to one another instead of as individual stories. I can see whole lives with all of their humanness which makes them so much more relatable. I’m better understanding the passing of time between those major events that I’ve read in isolation many times over. I’m not worried about the smaller details that I might miss, because I’m already planning to go back and read through the whole Bible again as soon as I’m done.
3. I’m absolutely getting a new picture of God. I understand the cost of sin more. I understand the need for a Savior more. I am seeing the big picture of God moving through history, and it really is fascinating.
4. I spent the last few years teaching myself to read fiction books. I’ve always been a nonfiction reader, and preferred in my bible to read the New Testament. “Just tell me what I need to do”.  Now that I’m reading the whole thing in order and I’ve learned how to read stories about people, I’m getting a picture of the people God has worked through, of His relationship with  His people. It really is all about the  relationship more than the list of to do’s. It is a new perspective.

If you haven’t found your scripture study niche, I encourage you to give this a try. It has been a neat experience so far, and it doesn’t seem to take long each day. I split the reading into about three 20 minute reads in the day. And there’s nothing quite like immersion to make you think about scripture throughout your day 🙂


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