A Cluttered Mind

“Dear Facebook,
You’ve been good to me. I have enjoyed keeping up with my friends. I have enjoyed reading the great articles that show up in my news feed every day. You have entertained me, encouraged me, taught me. And, unfortunately, you have lied to me. Well, not technically. But my heart struggles to remember who I really am and what visions God has given me for my family and my life.”

I realized this week that every day I read articles from my feed that, while intended to be helpful, impact me deeply as I feel my imperfections. I cannot help but compare myself to these ideals. After all, I read about them every single day. They are good articles, but listening to the words, the well meaning advice, of others has caused me to lose sight of my vision. The vision that God gave to me for my life.

I am trapped. Do I need to leave Facebook? How could I leave Facebook? I won’t know what’s going on with everyone! I need to read those articles. The information in them might come in handy one day! I know I am on information overload, but it’s important. Everyone uses Facebook to keep up with life now.

Then it hit me. Do I store in my house everything I might possibly need someday? No. If I don’t use it, I don’t keep it. If that changes and I do need it, I go to the store and buy it. And that is exactly how I can handle this type of information. If I need help with parenting or with marriage or with schooling, I can Google just that and get what I need when I need it. The information will still be there, and I can get it without information overload or crowding my heart with too many what if’s.

It’s not really Facebook’s fault. It’s my fault for allowing myself to rely so easily on the news feed and for spending more time there than I need. It’s my fault for forgetting to fill my mornings with worship and stillness to hear the quiet voice of God telling me who I am. I know I am not perfect. Not even close. But by His grace, I am forgiven, loved deeply, cherished even. Perfection isn’t something to be grasped in this life time. I need not be upset by this. Instead, I need to live life resting in the perfection of my God.
So who am I? I am a beloved child of the King. What is that vision that God placed on my heart? That is what I’m getting reacquainted with.
I’m spending less time on Facebook and more time listening to those small words from the One who loves me most. It’s worth not knowing all that is going on.


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