Outside of Books

I’m thinking today about what learning looks like outside of the books. Of course, I love books, but there is much to be explored hands on as well. In this blog, I’ll track through some of today and the educational opportunities that I saw.

For breakfast, we are typically cereal eaters, but we were out of the kids’ preferred cereals and decided it was a good day for bacon and waffles. We were out of mix. Opportunity number one. Two kids got together to make batter from scratch. They measured ingredients, followed directions, and helped cook the waffles. We talked about the job of baking powder.

Another child was busy playing with her mice. We talked about their toes and sleep habits. This seems to be an unending topic lately.

Next we went to the library. I’m not cheating. I know the library is full of books. But the books we bring home are of the kids’ choices. We leave full of new treasures some of which will be explored on the way home.

It is our tradition to stop at McDonald’s after the library. We ordered some lunch and ice cream. After the order was complete, we were informed that the ice cream machine was being washed and we would have to change our order. We made the quick changes, and then my son figured out how much more the bill was with the changes. We also discussed calories and fat and why the smaller fries were a better choice (Not like we needed fries in the first place…)

After our trip, we got a few chores done, and my son got to building robots with his Knex. He got a robot book from the library and had some new ideas. Then the younger kids got to building swords and shields with Knex, gathering spy gear, and playing a long game of make believe. My oldest and I got together in the kitchen to fry some eggplant and dream up delicious ways to eat it. It turns out that it is quite good over mashed potatoes! Cooking with kids always gives opportunities to talk about what’s going on in their hearts while we work.

We cooked dinner, ate, and rushed the older two to practice for a play that they are preparing for. The little girls went outside in the cold air with a chair and blanket to watch the moon. It was a pretty full moon, and they wanted to get out the telescope. I was too cold to oblige, but another day we will  🙂

I’m not saying we learned deep things today, but we did learn. I’m looking forward to tonight when the great books and movies that we got from the library will be opened and dug into. I’ll save that for another post.


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