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Traditions and Schooling

We’re going to the library in a bit. We shoot to go anywhere we have to go at 10:00am. The reason is sort of funny. When the kids were younger and we needed to go somewhere, I would schedule the outing between morning and afternoon naps. Then I discovered that I loved listening to the Family Life Today radio program that came on at 10am, and the tradition was set.  We still try to go places at 10am. As far as the kids know, it’s so that they can take their mornings slowly. For me, it’s so that I can sit down and listen to the radio program while I drive. I don’t often  listen to that program now. I still like it, but I’m busy chatting with the kids on the drive. Yet, we still leave at 10am. That seems to be how a lot of traditions are set.

And for me, traditions become expectations. And those expectations that have lost their purpose or have come about for silly reasons can become burdens. Today, I choose to question traditions. The ones that have purpose will stay. They benefit me, give me structure, help me remember important things.
Those traditions that don’t really matter, though? I’ve chosen to let them go. I want room to make new traditions, but more than that, to live in the moment, to stop rushing so much and allow time to laugh with my family. I have goals still, and of course I will move toward them. I will not, however, let unnecessary expectations control my days.

As we get back to school next week, I want our goals to be realistic and fitting to where we are. I don’t care where most seventh graders (pick your grade here) are academically. That is tradition. For example, my seventh grader is probably behind in some areas but ahead in others. He is right where he needs to be. Our goals will be for progress toward the ultimate goal.

“Life Academy exists to promote a life long love for learning, a complete education in the basics, and an atmosphere in which deeper passions may be explored in the ways each child learns best.”

And with that mission in mind, here are some plans for where we will be going over the next few months.

B: Work toward finishing Geometry book. ACT practice test will be in a few months, and this is an area that she needs to improve. Continue working through the One Year Adventure Novel course, Read more books. Explore basic US government concepts and compare and contrast them with the types of government in the books she is reading. Practice writing non fiction essays. Continue dance classes, Theater production class, youth group activities, guitar, violin, life skills health classes. Watch movies set in historical settings. Look into career choices and what is needed for those of interest.

A: Continue Math U See Epsilon once or twice a week. Build with Erector set, Knex, Lego’s. Watch videos of such built structures to learn science behind them. Email friends and family daily. Practice Typing with copywork a few times a week. Writing is very difficult for him. I’m assuming typing will allow him to bypass the handwriting and focus on the spelling and punctuation. Read orally to slow down enough to practice spelling. Participate in Boy Scouts, dance class, youth activities, life skills health class, Practice sportsmanship by playing games. Read a chapter a week of Child’s History of the World.

E: Move back to the fourth grade School Zone math workbook for review work. She needs more time for the abstract thinking to kick in before moving forward in math. Read Orally to improve reading and spelling ability. Practice Mavis Beacon Typing practice. Set up an email account to email grandparents. Listen to a chapter of Child’s History each week. Continue learning about nutrition and gluten free eating. Care for and learn about her new pet mice. Create a nature notebook. She loves all things nature, but this will be written and drawn. Put together a Bible notebook from her weekly Sunday School papers. This was her idea, and I love it.

L: Read library books. She likes to be read to, but her opinion of reading for herself is not so great. Improving her attitude in this is the biggest goal I have for her right now. Practice handwriting and math in workbooks and in playing. Listen to books that we read as a family. Spend time outside or with toys playing. Continue in dance class. Cook with Mom. Practice life skills.


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