A Lesson a Day

It’s not always like this, but our typical days as of late have been sort of project like.  We are only covering a few things a day, but we are spending extended time on those things. And that is okay. There is no rule that says we have to cover every subject every day.

Just for fun, I gave each day a name signifying what the main subject area would be.

Math Mania Monday:  Yep, you guessed it. A week’s worth of math today.

Technical Tuesday: Technical writing day. Writing is a subject that is difficult for three of my children and a great pleasure to the fourth, so we spend the majority of our energy this day on technical writing.

Wonder Filled Wednesday: Science experiments, science books, and nature study. These lessons tend to be shorter than others, so we have more time to read from our novel.

Throw Back Thursday: History. Not from the 1980’s, but from Way Back in the Old Days. We read some chapters in our History book and discuss them. Easy? Yes. Nearing the end of the week, we are running low on energy.

Free Writing, Fitness, and Fine Arts Friday: This one is pretty self explanatory. It’s mostly fun stuff, but still important to fit into the week. Friday is basically the weekend. Everybody’s brain is checked out. We save the easy and fun stuff for this day.

In addition to the focused lessons, we are also reading together from our Bibles, from The Chronicles of Narnia (I’m so in love with this series), and each child chooses an extra lesson to complete on his or her own. They typically choose Knex building projects (Think gears, moving parts, and lots of physics), Mavis Beacon typing lessons, piano practice, Jumpstart math or spelling games, and the like.

What about you? What do your days look like?


4 thoughts on “A Lesson a Day”

  1. I’ve been doing something similar at least two days a week. I think I’ve been stressing them out trying to fit it all in, and you can’t learn when you’re stressed out!

    1. That is exactly what prompted me to make this change. It’s hard and stressful for them to change gears sometimes, and this way, they are able to dig their feet into the subject and stay there a while. It’s always about finding what works for your particular students, isn’t it?

  2. I have a schedule all written out for each of my kids, but I don’t enforce that we stick to the times as much as I say just finish all your subjects. However I do have to encourage them to do their harder subjects sometimes. This year has really been a huge improvement with the introduction of CM methods. We usually start our day with bible and history during breakfast. Then move on to subjects they can complete without me with a 10 min break in between each subject. Grace will disappear and I won’t see her for a couple hours and when she comes out she has completed everything for the day and read for an hour. I usually keep my boys near me. Isaiah needs help staying on task and focusing and Eli being in 2nd grade needs most of my help. So we usually sit around the kitchen table and complete math and language arts, then move to the living room or bedroom for reading. Where following that is nap time, usually mine. While the kids are allowed quiet time to read or play quietly while listening to our composer cds. Then when I get up we do science if it is in a plan for the day for about 30-60 min. then we are usually done by 2pm. After that its free time to do whatever they want (except for electronics which we reserve for weekends or illness) ie. art, legos, building toys, games. Then by 5pm its prepare dinner, eat by 6, play until 8, then bed for kids. They also have to find time to help with chores during the day, so sometimes we do those on our breaks. I am pretty flexible as well, if we need to modify our day to focus on something the kids really want to pursue we do.

    1. Brandy, I really enjoyed reading about your day. I love the fact that you described the entire day as it is a lifestyle of education you are pursuing.

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