Heart Matters

Why Must Every Wife and Mother Become a Stark, Raving Lunatic Before Anyone in Her House Takes Her Seriously?

I saw this on one of those Facebook posters a while back and laughed. It was the kind of laughter that comes from a moment of truth that you don’t really like to admit.

We have been working in our family on softening our words. We’re using the Acronym THINK (Before you speak, ask yourself if your words are True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, and Kind). It’s another thing I found on facebook recently. Funny how God can use even my chilling out time to speak to me and also how He speaks continually on a topic until we listen.

I just saw the Lunatic poster again, and while at first I cracked a smile, God very quickly spoke this new truth to my heart.

Perhaps the reason my kids don’t listen to me when I speak gently about something that is bothering me has something to do with the fact that I speak negatively plenty often enough that they now tune it out because they are so used to hearing it.

Perhaps if I didn’t complain about all of the little things and saved those words for when there was a real need, they’d hear it differently.

Perhaps those calm but real pleas for help and cooperation would be heard more readily if it were not normal for them to hear negative speech coming from my mouth.

Perhaps this stark raving lunatic problem really is a matter of my ungrateful heart on a daily basis.

Perhaps if I work on letting God shape and soften my heart and therefore become more grateful for the millions of little blessings in my life, and if I let my speech reflect that change in heart, then my softer words might be heard and responded to more appropriately.

And perhaps I may show more love to my family because of it.


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