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Slowing Down

While I talk often of a lifestyle of learning, I maintain a very rushed segment of my day that is reserved for “school stuff”.  I find this time important. It is the time of day when everything is turned off, kids’ games pause, and we come together for organized lessons.

This is all good, except one thing. At the end of this hurried three hours of lessons (4 kids, 4 different levels of instruction, several subject areas a day for this introverted mom), I am so mentally worn out that I feel useless for the next couple hours.  While I am recovering, the kids sit in front of television shows or video games.  And this is not how I want my kids to spend all of their time.

To restate the problem:

Hurried and stressful school hours and too much screen time.

So this week we have begun something new. It’s not drastic at all. It is just this. Slowing down.

We are taking longer in the day to complete the lessons. I’m slowing down to listen to their stories and allowing more general conversation to take place among the group. And when the Type A in me wants to speed back up, I am reminding myself that more together is time is good for relationship building, a very needed thing for us these days.

I’m still preaching to myself, but I am learning that time efficiency, while important in some areas, is not the ultimate goal in our daily living.  I’m really bad about rushing in order to fit more into the day, but I am learning, with much help from my kids, that life is a journey. Each day, each hour has in it lessons to learn and moments to be cherished.

Does it matter if I finish school by lunch time? Yes. Of course it does. I must accomplish more stuff in shorter amounts of time!

No. It doesn’t.  It matters that we spend our days really truly living.  And as a bonus to slowing down our together school time, the kids have had far less screen time. Yeah!!!  And as a second bonus, nobody seems quite as wiped out at the end of our lessons.  Yeah!!!

Slowing down. It’s not easy, but I might find that I like it after all 🙂


2 thoughts on “Slowing Down”

  1. I went through that same thing a couple years ago. Now we often take a lunch break and get back to school stuff after. It makes for a much easier day for us, and I can still switch the laundry during our lunch break. 🙂

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