I’m thinking about writing today. How should I teach it? What are we already doing that is working for us and what isn’t? What adjustments can I make? Before I get to that, why write at all?

My favorite middle school book, You Can Teach Your Child Successfully, has some great reminders for ages.

They must read, and write; read, and write. The goal of this process is nothing less than a rich, quality education in all verbal areas.


When you read a book, you are in mind-to-mind encounter with its author…  And while you read or after you finish a book, if you have a personal response of some kind, and write, your mind grows even more. You clarify your thoughts. You develop new ways of thinking. This is education, ongoing.


If you think you understand something or think you have an opinion about an issue, try writing it in essay form for someone else to read. You will discover a lot about your thinking that you didn’t know was there, including, possibly, gaps in knowledge that you have to look up as your write. Nothing sharpens and clarifies thinking like writing does.

Plenty of food for thought there! Happy chewing… and writing.


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