Nature Study–Ducks and Flowers

Nature study is an important part of a CM education, but we don’t do a formal study as some do. Of course, it’s not a bad thing if you do, but for us, it is more of a naturally occurring habit.

One example of this  occurred this week as we were driving and talking about feeding the ducks.  My 10 year old daughter, who is especially observant of nature, pointed out that in books baby ducks walk in a row behind the momma duck, but in real life they often walk in a bunch and sometimes stumble over each other to get where they want to be. We didn’t draw it into a notebook, though that would have been fun, but we did enjoy the observation. 

Another night, as I left a friend’s house, I observed the amazing smell of flowers in her yard. I could not see them in the dark, but I sure did take the time to enjoy the smell!

There are so many wonderful things in nature to observe. What have you seen lately that made you stop and observe?


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