Weary Days

My momma heart is tired tonight. It’s been a big week filled with the busyness of swimming and dance classes, and lesson planning for the upcoming week when we go back to formal lessons.  The kids are afraid of summer ending without their doing every single thing on our “bucket list”. I love that they want to live every minute of life to the full, but at some point I need to stop. I am looking forward to the school year beginning next week partly because I will need to stay home most of the time.

It’s been emotionally draining as well while I try to help my sweet girl decide what to do with dance class. I wrote about her quitting dance in my last post. Well, after one week off I talked her into going back to finish the summer class. Her reason for quitting was just that it was hard. I don’t want my kids to think that quitting is the answer when something is hard, so she went back to class, and I bought her a hot fudge Sunday from McDonald’s afterwards to reward her effort. She was all smiles, and I thought I had won the battle. Then came today. It was the last class of the session and of course she didn’t want to go. I let her skip it since she went to an extra class last night. Then we learned after class that the only two girls that she had sort of begun to friend last year were moving up and my girl was not. Now I know that was the best move for each of the girls involved. I would have made the same choice. But my girl was hurt. She made friends her first year in class and then moved up only to leave them all behind. This year she struggled to make friends, and just as she did, they moved up. For the third year in a row she will have to start over. But she thinks she will dance again anyway.

So my heart aches for her and my my body is weary from all of the go go go. Tonight I sent all of the kids to bed early hoping a longer night of sleep with do us all some good.

It’s all okay. I know some days are weary ones. Tomorrow will come with new mercies and new lessons to learn and even new victories.


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