Dance Class Drop Out

Yesterday my sweet girl dropped out of her dance lessons. After dancing without a missed class for two years, she adamantly did not want to dance over the summer. Being as all three of my other kids were begging to dance over the summer session, I encouraged her to try out the class. She has not enjoyed it. At all. I paid for those lessons, and normally I would make her finish out her commitment, but since I was the one that wanted her to take the class, her dad and I agreed to let her drop the class.
My heart hurt to go to her teacher and tell her the news. She is a physically talented kid, and I love to see her move.  She’s one of those kids that sets her mind to learn something and does it easily and beautifully. She is also a kid that pours her whole heart into something while she is enjoying it, and once she has done all that she wants to do with it she walks away. I’ve seen it happen over and over.
I don’t know if she will dance in the Fall. I’m hoping so. But I also know how she works. When she has decided that she is done, she is. She doesn’t look back or question her decision. I will have to let her decide next month whether she will go back or move on to something else. Perhaps the pretty costumes and recital performance will be enough to draw her back. Perhaps she will take up a different activity. And perhaps she will enjoy just being a ten year old kid for a while.
While I’m sad to see her lose interest in yet another activity, I’m excited to see where she will go next.


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