2013 Tentative High School Plans

High School plans are in the works. Living in Louisiana means that we don’t have a great deal of requirements, but that doesn’t mean that we are going to take lots of short cuts. I have three years left to teach what I think is important to my oldest daughter before she will be considered a young adult. Yikes!

Last year we unschooled most of ninth grade. We had decent success as far as academic growth, but I would like to see more in the areas of self discipline and knowing how to get undesirable jobs finished. I don’t consider our unschooling year to be a waste by any means, but at least for the first part of this year, I feel like she needs some more specific goals.

With that in mind, I am thinking that I am going to require these things:

  • Participate in Bible devotions with the family
  • Read through Apologia Physical Science book (and the lab experiments) and complete the end of chapter tests. One credit.
  • Read Story of the World  Volume 2 for an overview of the Middle Ages. Narrate in writing interesting points from each chapter. Also watch movies, and read stories that are set or were written in that time. This should be easy. It’s her favorite time period! One  credit.
  • Complete a Geometry course. We will try Teaching Textbooks first because I already have it. I may have to look at Math U See again for this. One credit.
  • Participate in another year of Dance classes. This is approximately 135 hours of classes and performance time. I will count it for one Fine arts or PE credit.
  • I do not plan to teach formal English as she is already doing the reading and writing on her own quite well. I do want to have her write some sample works of letter writing and various forms of essays. This along with the written narrations in history and her own fiction writing should be adequate for another English credit.

I may have her complete the following if time permits:

  •  Complete 180 Foreign Language lessons using Duolingo, a free website similar to Rosetta Stone. One Credit.
  • Attain a typing speed of 45 words per minute using Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. She may already have done this. Either way, she can earn one credit for doing so.

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