Examples of Delight Directed Learning Today

This morning I saw fine examples of delight directed learning that I would like to share.

E watched a documentary about cuttlefish on YouTube. It was her second time watching it. She also did an art project while she watched.

L is playing with two buckets of water that I set up for her. She had a set of measuring cups, a funnel, a medicine syringe, and food coloring. She showed me how bubbles appear when she pushes the cups into the water and how the colors mix together. I asked more questions to see what she knows and to get her thinking. I hoped that she would explore the measuring cups and make some connections there. (She did. 16 Tbsp in a cup, etc). She also asked why the water was pink in the white bucket but not so pink in the clear cups. I helped her answer that question with other examples.

B is getting started on her Wonderland story again. She had been stuck on part of the plot, but I think she figured that out this week.

A is playing a video game. I am asking him questions to find something he is interested in. Sometimes the key to delight directed learning is to remove the distractions. I may have to turn off his game to get him motivated to do something else in a bit.

What makes learning delight directed? I think it is when the child discovers on his or her own the concepts.

Were E and B’s activities this morning delight directed? Definitely. They chose the activities and ran with them on their own. E  finished hers and now is caring for her Happy Fish aquarium. Yep, more learning there. B will be working on her project for a while.

Was L’s delight directed? Yes. She loves to play in water, so I set it up for her with intentional hopes of her investigating colors and measurements. I chose something she enjoyed and let her choose what she would learn from it. Today it was exactly what I had hoped. It isn’t always like that though. Sometimes they go above and beyond. Sometimes it doesn’t go so well. It balances out.

What about A? How can I justify his video game all morning? Honestly, it drives me crazy, but I know that later I have some Bible reading, math and language review planned that he will do with us. I also know that he learns in spurts and has just come from a week of VBS from which he has not quite unwound. In this case, I let him rest for a while, then I remove screens (TV and games) and let him find something of interest to pursue.

Delight directed learning sometimes needs some motivating and sometimes does not. The truth is still that so much can be learned this way. What kinds of delight directed learning do you see happening in your home lately?


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