Summer/Fall 2013 Plans –Elementary

This is my preliminary plan for my 8 year old. It may change, but we have to start somewhere, right?

  • I plan to reinstate Bible reading time with the kids. This is something that we have gotten away from, but what could be more important? I need to make this a priority for all of us again. I haven’t chosen one yet, but I think we will do a One-year Bible reading plan together.
  • I purchased a Summer Bridges workbook for her that I plan to have her work through with help. This should give us a base for language and math skills. I like the idea of the short number of lessons. This fits in with my idea of focused learning.
  • I plan to pick up some phonics readers to work on her reading skills. She is still struggling in this area. While I believe that often the best solution to academic problems is to wait for some maturity, I also believe that giving her opportunities to be successful in reading simple materials should help her to become a better reader. We may also go back to How to Teach Your Child in 100 Easy Lessons if she is still interested.
  • I plan to use my Math U See blocks, a 100 chart, a number line made of beads to make math more concrete.
  • I plan to set up a mail box and write letters to her and have her write back to me.
  • She will listen in as I read from Story of the World and other great books that I am reading with the older kids.

We will start back this week with about thirty minutes to an hour a day unless we already have plans. Our days will vary. Most days from now till August will include review work in language and math and some reading aloud with the family. Once August arrives, we will move into full schedules.


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