Farmers and Hunters

As I watch two of my girls toiling away at their book lessons for the morning, I listen to my other daughter and son playing in another room. I have called them to school a few times, and they have come but quickly wandered off again. Once I get them here to stay, I will have to do circus acts to get them to stay focused. No, just kidding about that. But I will have to sit with them individually as they work, because they are so distracted and so easily discouraged when the work is difficult.  This is a regular struggle. They are clearly of the ADD kind and need much direction, especially when it comes to monotonous things like math lessons.

I am reading a book about the farmer and hunter types. This is an analogy comparing non ADD people to farmers and those with ADD to hunters.  Here are a couple of links that shine light on the strengths of each.

Hunter Verses Farmer Traits

Thom Hartmann’s Hunter and Farmer Approach to ADHD

I have much more to ponder on this theory, but for now this farmer feels the need to go work in her vegetable garden.


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