Fall Fun Week

After 9 weeks of focusing on the basics, I decided to put together a Fall Fun week. I thought I would share.  I tend to pack Monday through Wednesday heavier than Thursday and Friday as we are increasingly tired by the end of the week.  My kids are ages 12, 9, 7, and 5. Obviously certain activities will fit some better than others. In this case, older kids can be helpers. That is a valuable skill too.


Apple a Day Story:   Adam and Eve (I know, I know. It was not necessarily an apple.)

Begin Fall Temperature Chart. Graph results with Line Graph Daily.

Learn Leaf Fact:  Life cycle of a Leaf.  Write fact onto leaf shape to be hung on wall tree.

Solve Autumn Word Problems

Leaf Rubbings

Compare different leaves collected


Leaf Facts come from a book titled The Nature and Science of Leaves by Jane Burton and Kim Taylor


Apple a Day Story: William Tell

Read Gathering Leaves Poem by Robert Frost. Color Picture. Copy portions of poem for copywork.

Autumn Poem. Learn about Personification

Leaf Facts:  Growth of a leaf, Leaves need water, and No leaf, No water.

Use math to estimate leaves on a tree.


Apple a Day Story: Sir Isaac Newton

You Be the Editor. Find 10 mistakes and read about Why Leaves Change color in the Fall.

Autumn Patterns. Complete pattern of a leave using symmetry.

Bake leaf shaped cookies. Homemade cookies allow for lots of measuring and following directions.

Leaf Facts:  How leaves breathe, Why leaves are green

Read Aloud: Secrets of the Vine for Young Hearts by Bruce Wilkinson and Rob Suggs



Apple a Day Story:  Johnny Appleseed

Fall Leaves Acrostic

Find Area and Perimeter of a leaf. Area: Trace onto graph paper and count squares.  Perimeter: Trace with string and then measure.

Plant Pear Seeds.  I hear pear trees are easy to grow. Time will tell!

Leaf Fact: Special Leaves (Venus Fly Traps, Poinsttias), Leaves as animal food



Apple a Day Story:  Giving Tree / Ten Apples Up On Top/ Ten Red Apples


Straw blow painting and Autumn Haiku

Grape Appeal Math puzzles

Leaf Facts: Why Leaves change colors and fall from trees



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