Starting Over

After a very long break from formal schooling, we are back. We are at the end of our second week. I thought my time as a homeschooler was coming to an end. I thought I had met my match and could not meet all of my kids’ educational needs. I cried many tears over many days and weeks. I called the school board to see about getting my kids back in the public schools. I looked at uniforms at Walmart and Target. I began telling people that I was unable to fulfill this job of homeschooling full time and that I needed help, so I was going to send my kids to school.
Then I decided to give it one last try. Two weeks before public school was to begin, I started out with my kids at home. I was sure we would fail in the first week. We didn’t. I have been so amazed at their effort. I have been impressed by the skills they are learning that they simply could not comprehend four months ago. Today is Friday, and public school starts on Monday. It looks like we will be staying home for school after all.
I know my battle is not done. There are plenty of hurdles to get over. I have had to make some changes. They seem to be working for now. I will try to focus on the end goal of having educated children that love the Lord.
We are starting over.


1 thought on “Starting Over”

  1. Awww … {{HUGS}}

    I am only in my second year of homeschooling and I have had so many days of tears, second-guessing, threatening to call Miss Kris at school to re-enroll them, etc.

    I think most, if not all, homeschooling parents go through this many times in their homeschooling careers. It is probably just par for the course and I wonder how many public/private school teachers go through these periods of wanting to give up as well ;).

    You mentioned that your children are learning skills they just couldn’t comprehend 4 months ago. Sometimes it just takes a few weeks or months for ideas to settle in and then *click*, the little light comes on behind their eyes and you just know they GET IT!! That is probably the most exciting thing about homeschooling – seeing those little lights come on and knowing that YOU taught them that concept!

    Keep breathing, keep praying, and hang on! In the end you will know you did the absolute best thing for your children. You loved them, you raised them, you understood them, and you TAUGHT them! 🙂

    ~ Kristal ~

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