Life Lessons

Life has been full lately, and we have really accomplished a lot this year, so I am allowing some alternative schooling to happen.
A neat thing happened a few days ago.  My 8 year old son was reading Calvin and Hobbes to me and stopped to ask me how many digits were in 1,000.  I told him 4, and then he asked what you call a number with 5 digits (ten thousand).  He thought about it a minute, made the mental connection, and the continued reading to me… “Hobbes, we’re flying at 10,000 feet!”  Now how is that for natural learning??
I am still making sure that plenty of reading, thinking, logic, basic math are done.  I am choosing their projects as well.  Monday, I had the kids write thank you letters to the family that we spent the weekend with.  For some of my kids this was a quick, thoughtless activity, but for 2 of them they really put effort in.  My son, who doesn’t write well, looked at his after finishing and said, “Wow!  Look how much I wrote… All by myself!” He was so proud of himself.  Yesterday we worked at tilling and preparing a 10 ft by 6 ft garden and today we planted veggies.  It took 2 hours of work, cooperation, and talking about each of the plants.  That was my plan.  Then they carried it further by reading the cereal box  that had a food pyramid at lunch time. They made up clues for others to guess the food they were describing.  My 12 yr old sketched the garden, labeled how long each would take to grow, and made little waterproof signs to put next to each veggie. After lunch we had free time and then after dinner we read for an hour.  Tomorrow I don’t have any big projects planned. I think we may play board games and math games and wii in stations.
It is not my plan to stay with this schedule much longer. I think I will go back to some normalcy and CMason after Easter, but we all desperately needed this break.


2 thoughts on “Life Lessons”

  1. I think you are doing great! Your kids will probably remember the things you have done these past few weeks more than any "structured" learning. Keep up the good work.

  2. Yep, shucking the schedule from time to time is a good thing for everyone. We actually did that today. Our older 2 boys fished and threw a baseball while the younger 2 and I planted our raised veggie gardens. It is absolutely beautiful weather today, and I just couldn't stay indoors!!! The boys definitely did NOT mind the change.
    Be blessed!

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