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So much we take for granted.  For example: writing.  Most of the time writing develops pretty naturally as they copy what they see.  As a parent/teacher I refine it for them.  One of my children is now near the end of 3rd grade and still struggling to write.  On a rare occasion, He will write me a one sentence letter (all capital letters except for e’s).  Most days I assign copywork that is typically one sentence, sometimes two.  He can copy them with effort.  After about 8-10 words he begins to get frustrated and complains of his hand hurting.  His grip is somewhat awkward, but pushing him to change it only frustrates him more.  When composing, he occasionally has to ask me what a particular letter or number looks like.  If his assignment involves writing the answers, he avoids it at all costs.  Once I let him answer out loud he seems to become instantly much more knowledgable.
This has been our story for a couple years now.  I waited for him to catch up.  While I see small improvements, I am starting to agree to coming up with accomodations.  I don’t think I will teach cursive writing any time soon, but I will teach him to sign his name in cursive.  I will teach him to type.  I will continue to encourage him to write little bits at a time.  I would love to hear of others’ experiences with this sort of thing.


1 thought on “Dysgraphia?”

  1. WOW!!! That sounds a lot like my daughter. She is almost 12. She constantly complains about her hand hurting, even when she hasn't wrote much. She doesn't hold the pencil right and no matter what I do, she just can't hold it right. I am teaching her cursive though. She is doing very well with it and has to concentrate really hard to get the letters right. She used to constantly ask me how to make certain letters, such as "b" and "d". She doesn't do that anymore. I don't make her do a lot of writing though. I do English with her orally and she does great. She does write capital letters in her words sometimes, when they don't belong. I point out the mistakes and have her fix them or I will do it. I had her do copywork for several years and it didn't help at all. We are using Abeka and Rod & Staff now, so she doesn't do copywork. She remembers much more if she reads it for herself, instead of me reading it to her. She has dyslexia and dyscalculia and most probably dysgraphia too. I am going to have her start a journal for school to get her to do more writing. I think that if it's something that she can tell about herself, then she will be more prone to writing. I'll start there and see how that goes. I have purchased tons of writing stuff and just never liked it, after purchasing. I have a writing book that is a calendar for each month. Each day has a different thing to write about. I'm going to try that.

    Know that you are not alone. There are others experiencing the same things. Your son probably just needs a little more maturing and he'll get much better with writing.

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