Missing the Mark

Why is it that I can wake up every morning and know that I am the boss and my kids are not, yet by evening nearly every day I seriously doubt that I really am in control here?
Each day I get up and put for my very best effort to set the stage for success.  I am cheerful, but firm.  I try to balance love and snuggles with authority.  By mid-day the kids are unmotivated to finish school work or chores, and I am doubting myself but trying to regroup.  By bedtime I feel like I have lost everything I have worked for that day.  The bedrooms, along with the rest of the house, are a disaster.  The kids are tuning me out.  I am losing my patience.  I am tired and ready to rest, just when they need me most.

The bottom line is that  I am missing the mark… every day.  I am letting myself get in the way of Jesus shining through me.  I don’t see everything through God’s eyes.

We all miss the mark. That is what sin means.  Instead of beating myself up over it, I need to confess it to Jesus, accept his forgiveness, and then move on… even it it is many times a day.
I am thankful for His mercy.  May I show the same mercy to my children instead of losing my temper with them.


3 thoughts on “Missing the Mark”

  1. Hugs & prayers to you! I can totally relate to what you're saying-I feel that same way often. I keep praying for the Lord to cover over my mistakes with His grace. We miss the mark, but He sure doesn't and He sees our efforts. Holly

  2. I have been struggling with the same thing, daily. I read a book last week that really convicted me about my attitude and how it is affecting and being reflected in my kids. You are so right about confessing it to Christ and then looking to a new day. I love reading your blogs. I feel like you read my mind.

  3. Thank you for sharing, I too can relate! I'm so thankful that His mercies are new EVERY morning! God is so GOOD and He will never let us down. Continue to find your strength in Him, keep your eyes lifted high!

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