Merry Christmas!

Most years as the cold weather sets in and the busyness of the holidays commences I go into survival mode.  I absolutely do not like cold.  I definitely don’t like the commercial holiday that Christmas has become.  This year seems different, though I cannot explain it.  I have truly enjoyed focusing on the simple life this year.  My family dropped all extracurricular activities as of May  2009.  We have been refreshed.  Sometimes we miss the activities we were doing like Awanas and gymnastics.  There has been talk of going back on a limited scale.  But for now, I am so happy to have my family home.  I am looking forward to a simple Christmas.  I am looking for ways to spend Christmas Day that are not focused on gift giving.  Any ideas??

This week I celebrated my birthday.  Next week is my 13th wedding anniversary, and of course a few days later Christmas.  It is a time for family and celebration (done simply of course).

This week we are reading books about the Amish, Jewish holidays, and of course the meaning of Christmas.  For fun we are reading stories from our Hans Christian Anderson books, Skylark (sequel to Sarah, Plain and Tall), and perhaps we will begin Prince Caspian this week.   The older kids are continuing in their math lessons and copywork/dictation.  We may read our next Magic School Bus  book (about whales) for Science.

On my own, I am reading The Mislabeled Child.  I am learning so much from this book.
I really, really, really need to start an exercise program both for toning muscles and cardio health.  I am learning that it is very hard for me to work out when it is not a scheduled activity, and, let’s face it, homeschooling moms don’t have much time leftover to schedule for ourselves.

I am so proud of my husband for conquering some big goals.  For National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) he wrote a book, a REAL book.  Okay, it isn’t quite finished, but it is nearly 60,000 words long and sounds very interesting.  I am waiting for it to be finished so that I can read it. He has also recorded some of his saxophone music onto a cd.  He is a talented musician and has finally agreed to record some of his music per my begging.  He is inspiring me to reach out and do something I always wanted to do… if I can figure out what that something is!

I pray that your Christmas season is wonderful this year, that you seek Jesus every day, that you find His Joy all around you.

Merry Christmas!


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