Holiday lessons

For the 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas we decided to make a bit of a change in what we were learning. Typically we focus strongly on basics but miss art and history.  Kids have been doing lots of Christmas art projects, and we have been focusing on family, biblical, and US History.  The kids really enjoyed the family history projects as they got to send homework to their grandparents.  For Biblical history we focused on putting several important stories in timeline order.  We are currently working on US history.  It has been interesting to me that both of my older kids know about the same stuff.  It is evident that we have learned together.  Tomorrow we will be going to the library for more books.  I  love what we learn through stories.
I am sure the librarian cringes when we get to the checkout desk with 30 or 40 books every two weeks, but reading those books is such an important part of our routine. It is so neat to see my kids love reading.
One of our bedtime stories tonight was D.W.’s Guide to Perfect Manners.  I am not particularly fond of D.W. in the Arthur series, but this book was a good behavior reminder.   Kids were quick to point out what they were doing well on and what they struggled with.  I may have to have them memorize the book.


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