Homeschool Group

I have not been in a blogging sort of mood lately, but I have decided that I NEED to exercise the mental disciple of writing more often.  Once our school day is over I guess I am mentally tired.  It has been a welcomed change to be home all day this year instead of rushing off to gymnastics every afternoon after school.  I think it has been good for the whole family being home and together more often.  It is definitely less stressful.  The financial crunch of not having the extra spending money from my part time work at the gym has gotten to us a bit.  It is hard to not be able to go out and do things.  But I know that my God provides and am resting in that truth.

We joined a homeschool group for the first time.  The kids have already made some friends and are loving the free / almost free activities.

We started our school year July 13th and are in our 14th week of school.  The year has been pretty smooth so far.This week I will be testing reading and math levels.  Testing week makes me nervous.  It is like MY report card. A couple weeks ago we moved our school day to fit in between lunch and dinner.   It seems to be working well.  The kids are more alert.  I am not trying to get chores and school done at the same time, since I can easily get all of my chores done in the morning hours.  Everyone has a few chores and then free time to follow their desires in the morning.  I am seeing improvements in the weak subjects of each of the children. We are currently reading:  Bible stories, King Arthur, The Magician’s Nephew (Chronicles of Narnia),  Folktales like Paul Bunyan, Magic School Bus Goes Upstream, and various library books for bedtime.  The kids are narrating back to me for most of these books.  For some of them I am asking for written summaries or the like.  I have really been impressed by the retention and understanding that the kids are displaying.
I personally am reading The Edison Trait, The Gift of Dyslexia, and together with my husband Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makover and Financial Peace.

Enough randomness for tonight.  Maybe this will get me to start writing again.


2 thoughts on “Homeschool Group”

  1. The Gift of Dyslexia is a good book.
    I have dyslexia and two of my children have it. It was strange reading it because it was SOOO me! LOL.
    It really is a gift.

  2. When we started doing school in the evenings, it started going much smoother for us. My girls don't get in the bed until after 10:00 at night, due to my hubby's night working. They then sleep late, which would lead to later school times and especially grouchy girls. I believe that God gave me the idea of doing school at night. They are able to get up and do their own things, but in the evenings they have to do school. It just works out so much better for all of us.


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