Okay, having babies before my friends didn’t bother me so much, but having a preteen first is a bit trickier.  Things are changing, and I am learning as I go.  I am sure I am making lots of mistakes along the way.  How I am to really reach this girl that is growing up before me is not so easy.   She mostly wants to hang out in her own room alone by day, yet at night she wants to sleep on my floor because she is afraid to be alone.  This I don’t really understand, but I remember having the same fears when I was around her age.    I am trying to motivate her to really live life, but she currently is unmotivated.  I know this is a time of transition for her as well.  Oh how I wish this part of life came with a manual!


2 thoughts on “Preteens”

  1. I am going through the same thing right now with my daughter. It's funny you say a 'manual' because I found a book at the store that was for girls and all about girls. Normally, I wouldn't waste the money but the book was really cute and explained everything a pre-teen girl would need to know. I started wondering if I wasn't forgetting some things, so I purchased that book. She loved it! She knew most of it from me, but I guess it felt good for her to have a book that related to pre-teen stuff :O)

    Not sure why I mentioned that… just browsing blogs :O)

  2. Wow, my mom just sent me to my room full-time from age 9 to about 13 because I was such a misery to be around… and yours is volunteering to be in her room!!! Bless you as you try to seek God for how to raise her. You know… a friend expressed how important it is to not allow pre-teens/teen to isolate themselves. The alone time is not biblical, and it is a time when Satan can really creep in (my friend said, and I agree). Some alone time is normal… too much can permanently damage family relationships and her tenderly developing foundations. Seek Him and He will give you wisdom.


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