Reminder to Self:

Many times when I am frustrated with homeschooling I wish I were back in a classroom teaching…. Teaching kids that will sit and listen while I stand and the front of the class and teach. 
But I am learning something here.   Classrooms are typically teacher centered out of necessity.  Homeschools can be, and in my opinion, should be child centered.  Am I saying that children should run the home or the school?  No.  I am saying that it is my job now to set up learning experiences for them and then watch them learn.  Active learning is real learning.  I still plan their lessons, but once they are planned I must step back and let them learn.  I closely oversee the basics: math, reading, writing.  I carefully plan these lessons to be as efficient as possible in order to make time for them to follow their own interests.  My son is a born scientist.  I  don’t plan science lessons for him (yet) because he is always learning science on his own.  My daughter is crazy about animals.  I don’t plan lessons for her to learn about animals.  She does that on her own time reading book after book and spending time with her animals.  I believe the best thing I can do for my kids’ education (aside from the basics) is to study them, see what makes them tick, enable them to follow those passions, and fill in the gaps that are left.  This is real education. 
I write this as I see the school bus driving down my street at 3:30 in the afternoon.  I am so thankful that my children have the time and opportunities that homeschooling provides.


6 thoughts on “Reminder to Self:”

  1. I also deal with frustration on a regular basis but I just know homeschooling is better, even if I don't have a clue what I am doing most of the time :O I just found your blog and will check back sometimes :O)

  2. Thanks for stopping by – not too bad with a 70%, I had my kids take it too and was surprised at their scores! (showed me that we need to study our geography a bit more!)

  3. I do know what you mean about sometimes thinking back on teaching in a formal educational setting… and for money! 🙂 However, although I enjoyed teaching in public schools, I now can more fully appreciate God's prompting to homeschool and the sacrifices there in. The difference between what my sons gain homeschooling and from what they would have received in a formal classroom setting is immeasurable. I completely agree, too, with your philosophy of home educating… we must encourage their natural "bents". Have a super week!

  4. Girl you are funny! I will reward your patience, you may have an extra cup of coffee in the morning or a bag of m&ms all to yourself – heck go crazy – have em both!!! I have been on to other things and totally forgot I promised to post my score! I got an 84% on the first try and kept at it until I got a 94% but I could not break that ceiling – I have trouble getting the middle ones exactly where they belong – usually just a few miles off, but it is enough to mess up my score!

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