Saturday I got to go to see some of my family that I hadn’t seen in a long time.  I so enjoyed the visit that I beamed over it for the entire weekend.  Though we are tired now from the weekend, it was completely worth it. 
I am still enjoying using unit studies with the kids.  However, today’s lessons didn’t seem to flow.  Maybe it is because of my not sleeping much last night.  Maybe my kids were tired from a long weekend of activities.    We struggled through some lessons until lunch time and called it a day.  The kids went swimming while I chatted with a friend that plans to homeschool in the fall.
 We put some new rules into place about the toys that have been left out many times a day for the "secret servant mom" to pick up.  The plan is for toys left out to disappear unless they want to buy them back from me with their allowance money.  I am not sure it will work, but time will tell.  If you have other ideas about toy pick up, please share.  I know there is a better way than me picking up after them all of the time. 
I made a new batch of laundry detergent today.  It has to sit for 24 hours, so I will test it out tomorrow.  I am still experimenting some with the recipe.   I love the kitchen chemistry involved in making it. 
Tonight some of the kids are going to Backyard Bible Club at church. They are meeting on Monday nights in July.  I am really glad they are enjoying it.  While they are out I will be cutting grass at home.  I love cutting the grass.  It is a great time to block out everything else and get some good thinking time.
All in all, a day that started out rough has turned out not so bad.  I guess you could say it is lemons from lemonade!


1 thought on “Lemonade”

  1. Homemade laundry detergent? Wow! I thought I was doing go to make homemade electrolyte solution the other day when my dear hubby got heat exhausted after working outside all day in 105 degree heat. And… I totally get the mowing/mommy time thing!

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