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God Moments

Have you experienced a time when you go to church and God speaks to you and you realize that the message preached had nothing to do with what you heard from God?
I had that happen to me yesterday and confirmed today. The preached messaged was based on tithing and offering our money, our time, our whole selves. I felt God pointing out some areas in my life in which I was not trusting him fully. One area was the gymnastics coaching job that I just resigned from and have continued to doubt my decision. I need to trust that He led me to resign for good reason, and I need to leave the details to him. Another area is schooling. I have struggled all summer to plan out what to do for school and have not had any peace about it. I put together some lessons, knowing that we were going to to be starting back today for the new year. Last night I pulled out my old Weaver curriculum, looking for something fun to do with my littles. I have pulled that binder out many times over the past few years and never felt it was the right thing to use. I even considered selling it a few times. But last night for some reason it just felt right. So with at deep breath and a prayer I called the kids to the table for school. I was surely met with resistance since they still wanted to play, but after about 15 minutes Andy, 8, began to get excited over the drawing activity and it was somewhat contageous. Then after listening to her brother narrate his story for me to write in his notebook, Lily, 4, couldn’t wait to have her turn to tell a story for her notebook. Even Bethany, 11, who is my most resistant child, seemed to enjoy her activities and helping Lily with hers. Before we knew it, we had completed a full day’s worth of lessons when I had only expected to get through math and reading. How is that for God’s confirmation?! I just needed to trust Him more.


1 thought on “God Moments”

  1. I didn't know you resigned as a coach. Sounds like you had a fun day of homeschooling. My kids are still finishing up their math and science and probably will be until mid August, then we usually start after labor day. Thanks for the prayers and comment. Lord bless you and happy birthday to your little one.

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