New School Year Questions

I changed my page template to reflect how I have been feeling about life lately.  This nifty green mug can be filled with my favorite drink of chocolate milk as I consider where to go in the upcoming year.

As we near the new school year, I have been evaluating our methods and looking for the most efficient way to meet the educational needs of my kids because methods change as kids change. 
One necessary change that I see:
I have been reading to both Bethany and Andrew for history, science, literature, and Bible.  I think Bethany at 6th grade needs to start taking in a higher level of content than her brother, grade 3.
I am questioning whether I should continue with the living books  and just find different books for each child or if I need to consider accepting help from a prewritten curriculum.  I have been very overwhelmed lately even without school.  I am very apprehensive not only of doing school but also coming up with all of my own materials as I have done in the past.  I love guiding their education, but am I taking on too much?  I also have to remember my two little ones.  At 6 and 4 they don’t do formal school with us yet (I don’t start them till they are 7… aside from learning to read).  They have spent many days playing in the bedrooms or watching videos while I spent most of the day in school and then keeping up the house.  I believe they deserve more of my attention.
I have been following a Literature based/Ruth Beechick style for a few years.  I own a variety of books and prewritten curriculums including Switched on Schoolhouse, The Weaver, and random math, history, and science books. 
I need a clear focus and confidence that I am doing what the Lord wants me to do with my family.   If you have experience with any of these curriculums or any ideas for me, I am sitting here, with my chocolate milk, ready to listen!


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