Spelling and Geography Bees

We are on summer break, enjoying swimming lessons, VBS, evening family bike rides, and more.
It is a fairly fast paced summer.  I am still deciding what I want to do with the kids for school time in the fall.
We are doing the library’s summer reading program too, which means reading, reading, reading.  Magic School bus is a favorite.  We are also reading Wrinkle in Time together.  What a neat book!  I can’t believe I never read this book growing up.  I couldn’t help myself and read ahead to finish the book.  I really enjoyed it. 
I am loving watching them play.  Their game of choice recently has been Spelling Bee.  Now my kids are definitely not natural spellers, but they play with the CLUE board game player pieces or the GUESS WHO players, and ask me to whisper the answers to them.  I am so amused that they like this game, but who am I to say they cannot practice spelling?
On that note, I have recently heard of geography bees.  Have any of you tried them?  I bet they would make learning geography more fun. 


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