This has been one of those weeks when I question whether I am doing the right thing by homeschooling.  My daughter is constantly lonely.  My preschoolers make school difficult to accomplish.  I don’t want to jump through hoops to make them interested.  I am tired of looking at the mess that never ends  when there are 4 kids playing at home all day, everyday.
When I consider the alternative of sending them to school, it hurts my heart.  I don’t want them there.
I need a heart refreshing.  I know there will be better days. 


3 thoughts on “Discouraged”

  1. Hi,
    When my dd was in 1st grade, I had two preschoolers. We couldn't get work done either. I put my dd in public school and that was a huge mistake. She had so many problems in school with other kids and having a hard time learning, because of the noise in the class. I brought her back home the next year, but she never did catch on to homeschooling. She is 17 now and didn't finish school. She refused to do the work and my dh and I just couldn't convince her enough that she needed the education.

    My other two girls have never been in public school. I've homeschooled them from the beginning and there's a big difference in them and my oldest.

    I know that it's hard at times. It's still hard for me too and I don't have little ones now. You didn't say how old your oldest is. Does your library have the summer reading program? Are you in a homeschool group? If so, maybe you could plan a playdate at a park and she could spend time with friends. My girls are 11 and 12 and they get lonely too. I feel bad for them when that happens, but from all the kids that we have dealt with in the past (so called friends) in my opinion, sometimes having friends isn't the answer. As far as your preschoolers, can you set them up with some water toys or sand and let them play? Are they wanting to do school too? Give them colors and coloring pages. If I could go back, I would have done things differently back then.

    I'll say a prayer for you and remember "This too shall pass."


  2. Hi Debbie,
    I print out some books, own some books and have read some online. It's very hard to read them online. My girls don't pay a lot of attention when I read online. I prefer to be able to have something to hold in my hand, while reading.

    I don't completely follow the schedule for each year either. I tried at the beginning and it was just too hard. I couldn't find all the books or the girls didn't like the books. I substituted other books instead and also added in lapbooks for some things.

    This year, my 11 year old will be doing Year 2. I skipped Year 2 and put her in Year 3 with her 12 year old sister. They are so competitive that I've decided to separate them again, according to my post.

    When you say, "How do you use AO?" What do you mean by that? Send me a personal message and I'll answer all your questions.


  3. Hi Debbie, you probably feel better now but I just wanted to encourage you that you are not alone in this area. We all get discouraged and question what we are doing but the reason we all go through it is that we have an enemy that seeks to destroy us and stop us from doing anything that is pleasing to the Lord. Satan is a discourager and a liar. God is pleased with us homeschooling and when I feel like quitting I have to get my eyes focused back on Jesus!

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