Christmas Lesson Plans

Since it is so hard to accomplish academics during this time of year with the busyness and excitement of Christmas approaching, I will be doing some different lessons for a while.  Here’s a taste of what I want to start with:

1. Bible Stories chronologically beginning with Genesis… because I         realize we are not spending enough time learning about our Bibles
2. Missionary Stories with the Millers… This book will help us be aware     of what life as a missionary might be     like.  It will help us with some     geography and also some world cultures.
3. Music:  Learn some Christmas songs concerning the Biblical story of     Christmas.  Begin music lessons     for the kids.
4. Art: Decorate house with Christmas theme.  Make homemade gifts for family.
5. Social Studies: Christmas around the world
6. Read lots of books,  write letters,  Use math skills in shopping and  budgeting.

Sounds like fun to me!  I hope it all works out!


1 thought on “Christmas Lesson Plans”

  1. We really enjoyed Treasure Island. Most of the chapters are short, but there are a lot of them. We just finished Sunday night. I have never read this book before, so it was a real treat for me. I think I enjoyed it more than the girls.

    My girls are 16, 12 and 10. The pirate study was only for the younger two though. My middle daughter absolutely loves pirates, thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. LOL!! She enjoyed learning about the different things about the pirates. I mainly did this study to show her that pirates weren't like the pirates that Disney makes them out to be.

    I only make our studies for a few weeks. When we did our London study, that took us over a month and they did get tired of that. Well, my middle daughter didn't too much. She loved learning about London. That's where she says that she wants to live. In fact, she wants to live in the castle with the queen. LOL!!

    We will be doing The Twelve Days of Christmas starting tomorrow and in January we will be doing Sled Dogs, Iditarod, Alaska and reading Julie of the Wolves. We have a Siberian Husky, so they are very excited about doing this study.


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