I saw this YouTube video called “Cardboard Testimony”  (
Through this video and other conversations I’d had recently, I began to realize that I had forgotten where it was that I had come from.  I was once  lost, hopeless.   Daily I performed in school and gymnastics for acceptance, knowing each day I’d have to repeat for that day’s acceptance.  I never really felt like I had attained it, but I continually tried.  Then I met Jesus.  The truth now is that I don’t have to perform to be accepted and loved by Jesus.  I’m not good enough.  But  God’s Grace is…  If I were to write my Cardboard Testimony, I think it might be:

Judged by the world
Loved by God

This really brought me to a crisis of belief… If I really believe that God loves me by His grace, then I must live and love others this way.  I tend to be a rule follower, and hard on my kids and others when they falter.  But I should, I must, treat them with grace and love.  This is how I can let Jesus live through me.  And really that is what the Christian life is all about… Letting Jesus live in us so that others will see Him.


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