He changed our plans

For several months my oldest daughter was to go to Chicago for 10 days at the end of August.  My intention was to take the time to minimize and clean up inside and out of my house.  We were to spend quality time with the younger 3 kids while we had the break.   There would be no school that week.

B left as planned on a Friday morning, but instead of following through with our plans,  We realized Hurricane Gustav was heading our way (and indeed the eye wall crossed right over us), so we prepared and left town.  We didn’t know where to go, and reluctantly drove out to my mom’s house.  That should have been a 5 hour drive, but became an 18 hour drive in evacuation traffic.  God’s Appointment #1:  My brother is having a hard time these days, so he’s staying with my mom.   We got 4 days to visit him, love him, and hopefully minister to him.  It had been far too long since he and I had had a good visit..   God’s Appointment #2:  We needed to get closer to home to assess the damage.  My cousin agreed to let us stay with him for a few days until we got power again.   Again, I had really lost contact with him too.  We enjoyed another 4 days visiting him and his family while taking trips 1 1/2 hours away to clean up our yard and such.  Finally after 12 days, we finally got power back at our house and moved home yesterday.    It never felt so good to clean my house as it did yesterday and today!  I have been refreshed!  I  think I still had some great quality time with my kids as we spent 12 days together in the minivan or in a one room family space.  Formal school has not happened for 2 weeks now, but we should be able to get going again Monday or Tuesday.

Hurricane Ike is presently approaching Galveston, TX.  As it glides along just below us, we’re “enjoying” some really intense wind and rain.  It’s a little scary at times as it blows around the pieces of my house that are still hanging loose from Gustav.  “At least we’re all safe;  that is all that really matters,” say my kids.   They are so right, aren’t they???

While I don’t wish big hurricanes on anyone, it is so awesome to see God work in the midst of them!


2 thoughts on “He changed our plans”

  1. We had to evacuate for Gustav too, thankfully all was well. But as Katrina survivors – the kids were very worried! (not much damage from K – just seeing damage of neighbors was hard on them)

  2. I too lived in New Orleans for Katrina. Like you, we didn't have much damage. This time, for Gustav, we had just enough damage to upset my kids. I am glad that 2 weeks after the fact, however, they don't seem to realize that anything happened at all… except maybe that their swing set is still missing… 🙂

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