Links to Africa and Australia

I started my "Around the World" study with my kids last week.  I surely did not accomplish everything I wanted to do, but they got a taste.  I have found some incredible online resources, too.  For example,  GoWestAfrica.org  for some activities and videos.  and "Journey to Africa" (http://www.ahsd25.k12.il.us/curriculum/Africa/Africahome.htm)
Next week we’ll venture into  Australia, and I found a neat site for that too…   TimeforKids.com/TFK 
In the Around the World section, they offer lots of countries to study.  For each one you can take a sightseeing tour, read facts, history, view and learn about their animals, hear their native lingo, even make an e-mail postcard with a picture of a landmark there.
Perhaps you’ll enjoy these sites too.  Happy Days!


1 thought on “Links to Africa and Australia”

  1. thanks for the info..i enjoyed the link! An added bonus was finding the editing symbols worksheet that is on the site in the "writing" section.


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