Spring Changes

I haven’t visited this site for a few weeks.  We’ve all been too busy enjoying spring here.  It’s been 80+ degrees, and to celebrate,  we’ve been making water balloons, swimming, and playing on the swing set.  We’ve also spent a great deal of time at gymnastics and softball.  We love doing all these things, and at the same time have enjoyed their being rained out the last 2 days.  A break is sometimes necessary!
Here are some of my homeschooling thoughts from the last few weeks:
I can’t really decide what “method” of schooling we follow because we change it about every other month!  One day while discussing that I could not decide what was best for our kids, My husband (and their dad) answered it for me once and for all.  The method changes with the kids depending on what they need at the time.  Sometimes it is unit studies,  sometimes, Charlotte Mason or literature based, sometimes, text books.  Right now we are using workbooks for Bible, Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmatic  and the library for science, social studies, and personal interests.  For right now it is working.  We cover the important basics in the morning and then they are free to learn more of what they are interested in for the rest of the day.    I am sure it will need changing again before too long.  Hopefully I will remember then that change can be good.
Another change I made:  Nobody really loves chores.  Now I am not willing to let them get out of chores, because that is part of life, but I will give them some choices.   I altered “Fly Lady’s 27 Fling” for them.  Fly Lady’s 27 Fling refers to throwing away 27 things.  I have my kids pick up 27 things.  That can be dirty clothes, clean clothes folded and put away, or toys put away.  Key Words:  Manageable Chunks.   27 is a definite number with a definite end.  They love that.  They have been much more cooperative, and I am thankful for that.
Ecclesiastes Chapter 3:  There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…


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