New Discoveries

We moved from the city with a small house and yard to a small town with a big yard about 6 months ago.    One reason for the move was in hopes that my son, 6, would be able to experience God’s creations more often.  Today was one of those days.  I walked out to the ditch behind my house that has perhaps 6 or 8 inches of greenish water to see what I could find.  I had no idea, but there were fish in it, lots of them!  I called my son to come see, and after a good look we agreed that later we’ll go back out, dressed properly, to catch some in a bucket to see better.  I can just see it now… he’ll be out in his 3 sizes too big shrimping boots with a fishing pole trying to catch the little things!  What an encouraging occasion on a day when I was questioning myself whether I was reaching the learner in him!


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