Real life learning

Last week I took the kids on a field trip.  When we arrived at our planned destination we realized there was a pet store next to it.  In the store were 4 kitties from the animal shelter that needed adopting.  We adopted 2 of them.  They have been great fun, and a springboard into learning too!  Yesterday I took my 10 and 6 year olds to the library, and I couldn’t get my 10 year old away from the cat and dog books.  She checked out 3 of them, the limit for any one non fiction topic at our library.  This morning she was teaching her 4 year old sister about cat care.  These are the times when I love homeschooling the most.  I am reminded today to count my blessings!


1 thought on “Real life learning”

  1. That's a reason I love homeschooling too! I love watching my older children not only be excited about what they are learning but teach their younger siblings!! Thanks for sharing! Have a Blessed Day * EMichelle

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